The travel and hospitality industry includes a broad range of companies: tour operators, travel consolidators, tourist boards, airlines, cruise lines, railroads, private transportation providers, car rental services, hotels, resorts, lodging, restaurants and other real-estate intensive consumer businesses. The Travel & Hospitality sector has witnessed tremendous changes in the recent years. Customers plan their travel and stay using multiple channels expecting a personalized, engaging and smart experience. In an ever-evolving travel landscape, changing market strategy is the only constant. This creates a need for an agile IT partner who is focused on achieving your IT business objectives for you. A partner who understands the travel technology world will effectively keep you ahead of the curve. The emergence of digital transformation, mobility, social media and guest expectations for personalized service are propelling the Travel and Hospitality industry to provide ever richer customer experiences. From the front desk to guest relations and online booking, your guests expect a seamless experience from all touchpoints.


Technological advancements and the changing trends have given a boost to the travel industry. Property websites, email marketing, mobile technology, social, and visual media are some of the transforming factors in the travel & hospitality industry. Our services are  to enable omni channel of customer experience, increasing business efficiency using technology pillars of Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Social computing, Mobility and Analytics. Ashrisha IT Solutions delivers digital transformation and technology solutions and services for the ‘Travel & Hospitality’ industry. Ashrisha IT Solutions hospitality practice delivers software solutions, business aligned and services to the hospitality industry.  We are also providing our services to various independent software vendors who are specialists in the hospitality sector.